Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Who is Sparkbase?

Sparkbase is a Swiss WealthTech company that develops and operates cutting-edge software technology to integrate investment platforms, streamline and simplify wealth accumulation, significantly increase efficiency and profitability, and leverage valuable data intelligence. Sparkbase has its office in dynamic Zurich Glattbrugg, in close proximity to ventures of international importance.

What is the Sparkbase App?

In a nutshell, Sparkbase can be described as the Swiss digital pocket knife that uses advanced software technology with integrated investment functions and features to optimize growth creation in a time-saving manner, simplify skillful navigation of markets, and increase profitability while leveraging valuable data intelligence.

Our focus today is on the new investment assets in volatile asset classes, where tools are indispensable and where we see a lot of potential in terms of efficiency, enhancement and acceptance. No less interesting will be the integration of other services, because we are convinced that smart investing should be diversified.

How can I benefit with Sparkbase?

To exploit its true potential, use Sparkbase for what it is designed for. Namely, as a platform for asset trading, growing your wealth and bringing a consistency to your investment strategy that can pay off. No guessing, no FOMO but the way savvy and serious people with defined goals do it.

Is it safe?

Thanks to years of experience in the software field, our processes and developed solutions always meet the highest standards. And we only use data that it is absolutely necessary for the purpose. We consider security as an integral part for the foundation of added value, trust and successful cooperation.

How can I start?

Download the Sparkbase app for mobile or desktop use on your device. You can get started right away. With our editions, we offer all Sparkbase users the best tools and functionalities in a single cockpit solution from where you can manage everything yourself. As simple as that.

Do I have to be a trader?

You don't have to be a trader, you can become one. You can track, learn and be inspired. When you are ready to ignite the next level you can do it easily.

How can I trade?

To trade, you connect the trading platforms you use. An API key that you generate yourself allows you to execute orders directly into your trading platforms. Sparkbase enables a unified approach across many platforms, consistent, focused and smart. To be clear: moving your asset holdings is impossible. They remain in your possession at all times.

Do I have to transfer my assets?

No, at no point do you have to take your asset holdings out of your trading platform when using Sparkbase. This provides security and requires you to decide for yourself what you want to use.

What is SPARK?

SPARK is the blockchain-powered token designed to scale the Sparkbase ecosystem. SPARK enables the scaling of the platform and can be earned and may be used for harnessing innovative features. 

How can I earn with SPARK?

Earn SPARK token with your local wallet through so called Staking. Staking wallets validate transactions within the SPARK system and are an important component for which there are rewards. Another option is to run your own SPARK Masternode, contributing significantly to the network ecosystem and getting rewarded for it. The rewards are automatically transferred to your wallet.

Where is my data stored?

The application runs in professionally hosted data centers in Switzerland that meet our high security requirements.

Can I request features?

Sure, good ideas are always welcome. We have created a pool of ideas for this purpose. We would be happy to take a look at whether your idea is feasible and offers general added value. Thanks to our agile product development, ideas become features.

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Can I help Sparkbase?

Do you have skills you would like to contribute? Or would you like to make us even better known? Various programs invite you to do so. Let us hear from you. We have an open ear for you.

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